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About Managment

Dr. Parviz Kheirkhah has been the managing director of Dorrin Golab Agro-Industry Company from the very beginning of its foundation.

He started his work in the field of producing rose water and plant waters then he developed his activity into the field of producing Essential oils, Herbal Cold-Pressed Oils, Herbal Syrups (Drinks), Herbal Beverages both with and without Basil Seeds, Rose Water and other Plant Water Sachets, Dried Medicinal Plants, Saffron, Herbal Flavorings, Rose and other Herbal Oil Oral Drops, Rose Water and other Plant water Sprays and Rose Attar in traditional package

He has been developing his activity with the purpose of replacing chemical medicines by medicinal herbs and the products manufactured from them.

Dr. Parviz Kheirkhah’s twenty one years of experience has made Dorrin Golab Agro-Industry Company find a good position in foreign markets as well as internal ones.

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