Ferula gumosa Boiss essential oil

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Its fruit has an oval, with a side that is narrower than half the grain content. The sap is from the stem of the plant and the following two species:
F.schair Borsze, Ferula rubricaulis Boiss is named after Barissa.
This plant has two different types of tear and mass.
The healing properties of this plant include:
It has a strong and anticonvulsant effect. In Germany, it has been used as a regulator for the prevention of uterine conditions. It is used in Iran as a stomachache.
A special kind of adhesive for gemstones such as diamonds and so on.
Baghiyah mainly grows in the provinces of Khorasan, Central, Isfahan, Fars, Tehran and Qazvin.
Industrial application cases:
Cosmetic industries like perfume and cologne
Pharmaceutical Industries
Flavoring in the food industry and meat products
Glue industry

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