Ferula Assa Foetida essential oil

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The benefits of anthropomorphic plant

Angusius is one of the most important medicinal herbs in the dark, with a lot of its herbs. The herb producing the Angushei Persian Ghoragma, Angusakma and Khoran is a large, bushy plant, and a few years old. Its height sometimes reaches 2.5 meters. Its stem is relatively solid and thick with a rough surface. The edges of the base are large and thick, with a length of 60 cm. These leaves have many divisions, such that they are turned into jagged parts. The flowers of this plant are yellow and are in the form of an umbilical inflorescence at the end of the stem. The fruits are two-fingered, oval, and almost flat, which is on each Which five lines are there and the sides are like wing. The color of fruits is dark brown. From the root or base of the stem of this plant, it is obtained by scraping a material called oluogum resin, which is famous for it. The angushus is initially milky and has a bitter and bitter taste, as well as a stinky odor that is nauseous, which is why it is known from the old times as the devil's faeces. This plant is located in Iran (Khorasan, Balochistan, Kerman and southern provinces)


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