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Group drain water in Kashan in 1377 with the aim of producing rose water and essences pasteurized, syrups and drinks, oils, flavorings, extracts and medicinal plants dry to design and build three factories in three main habitat of medicinal plants after obtaining permits industry and the Ministry of Health and licenses to start construction of its activities. The annual production of 2,000 tons of water, 2,000 and 2,000 kg Rose Floral and fragrant essential oils.
Dorrin golab group: In 1998 Dorin Golab group was established. The group initially began as a manufacturer and packaging. After three years, the number of factories increased to three factories. This group products is over, 2000 tons of rose water, 2000 tons of herbal distillate and 2000 kg of rose essential oil and herbal medicinal essential oils per year.

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    The most important compounds of ginger essential oil are burning odorous substances, most of which are related to the same material.

  • Cloves essential oil

    Chemical compounds are the result of the analysis of cluster of eugenol, arbophilin, benzoic acid, benzoate, methanol, formaldehyde and ethylene.

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    The name of this plant is Ferula gummosa Boiss. The combination of this indicator is betapinene.

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According to the correspondent of Isfahan journalists' club, Gol Mohammadi is the main home of Kashan region.

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